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Hi there! My name is Elbee, I'm a security researcher. This is where I post my writeups and other useful information. Nothing warms my eggs in the morning better than a good Ippsec video or Darknet Diaries episode. On the small amount of time I've been doing security, I've become an eLearningSecurity Certified Junior Penetration Tester, developed a room for TryHackMe single-handedly and started a CTF team. As it turns out, security is a long and fruitful journey. I started posting writeups and blogs because I'd love to share that journey with you. :-)
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Astra cyber team
Astra is A ctf team built of and by people who desire a common goal, to improve the art of hacking in a safe, friendly and legal environment. Astra is submitted in online CTF competitions regularly and participants compete with other like-minded people.  Astra WAS ALSO a community partner in the 2020 HACCON CTF by HAC Security and helped develop challenges. a.c.t. has also built a flowering community, where members can participate in minor events and hack together. be sure to join the discord server and talk with us!

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there is a flag on this site!
there is currently a flag hidden on this website, feel free to use your arsenal to hack your way to it. obviously refrain from any form of denial of service. this final flag is in a hidden directory, (it can't be found with bruteforce) so you will not need to gain a shell to own this challenge.  this challenge is beginner friendly and makes use of web and reversing skills. if you need a hint, a single one is provided to you below. try not to use it ;-) good luck hackers.     flag format is act{flag here}

YOu should always try solutions to ctfs first! never jump straight to a write-up for your answer!
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